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OOC - Sock Profile

Name: Missy Blackwell
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Occupation: High school student, possibly server at Starbucks
Future Prospects: Writer of her own editorial page, truck driver, convict
Sexuality: Lesbian
Virgin: No. The girls she fucked went back to men afterwards, not surprisingly.
Relationship status: Fucking Sailor Bimbo

Appearance: Tall and boyishly built with some visible muscle, messy shoulder-length brown hair and dark brown eyes. Entire wardrobe is made up of mens' clothing, especially baggy jeans, army fatigues, and midriff tops. Doesn't like to wear underwear or shave. She's never seen without something to hit people with, or a flask of black coffee. Boobs are a 36C.

Personality - past: Missy was a BohemianFaerie knockoff who was pretentious about her pairings and strove to "help people overcome their unhealthy habits" aka having OTPs and shipping canon.

Personality - present: A proud bully, criminal and rapist.